Don’t Be a Dumbass Zombie! Hardcore Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Tips

Don’t become a stupid zombie! WARNING! This post is NOT G rated! You don’t like profanity? TOO BAD! Get over it! You’ve been warned.

According to Forbes magazine, we’re facing a depression, not a recession. Maybe it’s not directly caused by this pandemic, but the pandemic certainly doesn’t help.

Regardless of your OPINION on it, the fact is the stock market has tanked, jobs are being lost, the market is in what’s called “DEFLATION” because, in an attempt to hold off the depression the Fed lowered interest rates and they’re printing money to prop up a failing economy.

The economy is on life support and we’re printing money to keep it going.

Look at WW2 Germany to see what happens when a country does that for too long. The stock market crash of 1929 is nothing compared to what we’re dealing with now because not only are we dealing with larger financial catastrophe, the population has nearly TRIPLED from 121 million in 1929 to 327.2 million in 2018., and we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

Those who don’t think this is serious are in denial. Those who aren’t taking this seriously are fools. This is a serious issue and it could very well usher in a new depression, or worse.

This was the scenario I predicted 3 years ago when I launched ZombiBox. A global pandemic that crashes the USA economy and the global economic crash that follows. That’s what the zombie apocalypse is!

This pandemic is not an actual “zombie apocalypse”…or is it?

Yeah…it is.

Think about it. The Zombies are the unprepared.

They are those who think this pandemic isn’t that bad. Those who are in denial. Those running around like everything is ok, spreading the virus to everyone they come into contact with.

The zombies are the people making runs on toilet paper and other USELESS items. The zombies are the ones that think the pandemic is a hoax or are in absolute denial of how bad the pandemic actually is.

The zombies are the idiots that don’t trust science and who listen to the Idiot-In-Chief and his idiot minions run their ignorant mouths about starting the country back up again in 2 weeks!

That’s just fucking STUPID!

If that happens, mark my words, this pandemic will DOUBLE and then DOUBLE again in it’s intensity here in the USA! If that happens it will infect millions of people!

I know many of you probably support our president, but that doesn’t matter now.

What matters is America, our people, and the safety and health of our people and our families. I don’t give a shit if you’re republican or democrat or who you voted for. Your family is important. Don’t infect them. Don’t endanger them by not following the advice of medical professionals.

What I care about are FACTS and SCIENCE and the safety and health of my family and the health of our already great country!

Science, not superstition will save us.

The CDC, the WHO, and ALL medical professionals and scientists, epidemiologists are advising that we all need to stay HOME and not go anywhere to slow the spread and reduce the effects of this virus on the population and to give us time to develop a vaccine and better treatments that will save lives.

If you don’t like this post then click away now, I honestly don’t care if people are offended because this is a real world survival scenario and it’s not about placating people’s sensibilities or being nice.

This is not doom and gloom. It’s fucking REAL!

It’s a real global pandemic and people need to get their fucking heads out of their collective asses and wise up really fucking fast or this shit is going to get worse!

If you can’t face that fact then you’e going to get sick and you might infect someone you care about.

You don’t know who is infected.

Don’t go to public gatherings. This includes church and restaurants and public places where lots of people are. Don’t touch anything someone else might have touched without protection and keeping you hands clean and away from your face. Don’t touch your face! Wash your hands. Use disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.

You cannot tell when someone is sick no matter how much you think you can. Even if they cough or sneeze…it may be a cold and not COVID-19.

No one can look at someone and tell if they are infected. Anyone who thinks they can is an idiot zombie!

Don’t listen to zombies. Zombies are STUPID!

The incubation period is up to 24 days! That means the infected could go up to 3 weeks WITHOUT SHOWING SIGNS THEY ARE SICK!

This means that they are spreading the virus to everyone they breathe on or touch. They are also leaving the virus all over the place on every object they touch as well. The virus can live on surfaces for up to 9 days (or more according to some reports) and that means you will come into contact with the virus if you touch that object, and you will become infect if you touch the object and then touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

You will not know if you are infected until you exhibit symptoms…which could be up to 3 WEEKS!

If you’re scared and in denial and don’t want to face the SCIENTIFIC FACTS then please do the world a favor and stay home!

If you get sick because you didn’t listen to the warnings of the medical professionals who have trained their entire lives and know more about this than you ever will, then you deserve to become infected, because YOU’RE A ZOMBIE!

Don’t be a Zombie!

Be smart! Stay the fuck home! Stay away from people!

If you have to go out to get supplies, when you get home, do not go around hugging your family members before disinfecting! This isn’t about you, it’s about protecting your loved ones.

Wash your hands, take off and wash the clothes you had on, use hand sanitizer and don’t touch anything until you are completely disinfected. Disinfect ALL items you get from the store because the virus can live on surfaces for up to 9 days!

This means if you touch an item in the store that an infected person touched there is a high probability you have the virus on your hands. If you hug your wife or husband or child you will spread the virus to them!

Don’t bring the items you bought into the house until you disinfect them!

Use common sense. Disinfect everything you can! Take proper precautions.

Stay home!

Stay calm! (don’t panic)

Stay safe!

Don’t become a zombie!


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