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ZOMBIBOX LIFETIME GUARANTEE! This lifetime guarantee is for ANY AND ALL products that come in a ZombiBox for as long as you are a subscriber. This includes ANY brand! 


Because there has to be terms.

ZombiBox will repair or replace ANY product that comes in our monthly subscription box for any active subscriber in the event of a manufacturers defect or breakage during normal use. It even covers normal wear and tear!!! (Yeah I know…crazy! But I’ve run the numbers and it works). It does NOT cover abuse or neglect. I other words, if  when you send the item back to ZombiBox and it’s clear the item was abused and not used in the way it was intended, well, it’s not covered. Sorry. We have to draw the line somewhere. That is more than fair.

You MUST be a current subscriber. It’s a small price to pay for lifetime guarantee on the products you already buy now! Yes, it covers ALL BRANDS that comes in ZombiBox.

Zombi™ brand products. All official Zombi™ brand products have an unconditional lifetime guarantee! Forever! Like for real! Yes! You do NOT need to be a subscriber to take part. Simply purchase a Zombi™ brand product and you’re good to go!


*We reserve the right to change/update modify this agreement at anytime for any reason. We are unaffiliated with any of the brands in ZombiBox other than the brand’s inclusion in the box. The brands included in ZombiBox doesn’t necessarily mean we have a partnership with them, nor does it imply endorsement by any of those brands/companies of ZombiBox. The brands included in ZombiBox are not owned by nor are they part of ZombiBox. The ZombiBox Lifetime Guarantee is exclusive to ZombiBox and ZombiBox alone. The brands included in ZombiBox do not recognize or warranty their brands beyond their own written warranty or guarantee as required by law. The ZombiBox Lifetime Guarantee shall not be mistaken or considered a extended warranty since ZombiBox does not sell “PRODUCTS” per se; ZombiBox sells a subscription/membership and includes and ships miscellaneous products to customers and offers support and service on those products separate from and above and beyond customer service and support offered by brands owners. 

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