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Partner with ZombiBox! Are you a manufacturer or distributor of survival and outdoor gear? Want to reach more customers? Contact us and let us know you’re interested in working with us. Our market is large and we have a social and online presence reach of over 3 million people annually. Our direct subscriber base is over 15k people who are interested in outdoor, hiking, camping, prepping, tactical, and survival gear products. Getting your product offering in front of our highly targeted niche will increase your products brand awareness and exposure as well as provide our customers with a high quality products each month.

Entrepreneur Magazine Says: “As a brand, perhaps one of the biggest pain points is how to get your product in the hands of new customers. That applies if you’re a start-up or a multinational corporation. It used to be the only way to do this effectively was through costly in-store sampling demos, but now there’s a new, just as effective — if not more so, in some ways — strategy that brands can leverage to get their products in the hands of consumers on a national level while saving approximately 80 percent off the cost of in-store demos. Imagine eliminating travel, store set-up and staffing fees all in one fell swoop without sacrificing exposure.” ~Entrepreneur

Contact us if you’d like to get your brand product or service in the box!

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