ZombiBox: Benefits of Membership

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Benefits of ZombiBox:

ZombiBox Survival & Outdoor Gear Emergency Prepping Supplies

* Quality Survival aGear delivered to you home monthly.
* Gear Brands you trust! Add to your long term survival kit each month and build a solid survival platform.
* New Survival Gear products from trusted and innovative companies with cutting edge technology as well as the a solid base.
* Outdoor Adventure Gear for all kinds of outdoorsman. From survival, search and rescue, hunting, expedition, camping, and hard-core through-hiking, ZombiBox combines all the best gear in one box delivered monthly to your door.
* Prepping Supplies! Including food, to help build your supplies.
* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If for any reason you are not satisfied with ZombiBox let us know and we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction and survival is our mission!
* ZombiBox is about long term survival and that takes good solid, quality gear, equipment and supplies. The zombie theme is just a plus. You know…because ZOMBIES!!!

If you haven’t signed up do so now: ZombiBox.com/subscribe/

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