ZombiBox is the Ultimate Survival Gear Subscription Box!

ZOMBIBOX – The Ultimate Survival Gear Subscription Box 

ZombiBox is the ultimate survival gear subscription box catering to survivalists, preppers, outdoorsman, hikers, campers, and adventurers. ZombiBox isn’t just about survival and the outdoors, it’s about surviving any situation. The idea of course is that if you’re prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse then you’re prepared for anything.

You never know when you will be thrust into a survival situation where you have to fight for your life or keep a friend or family member alive. There are any number of natural and social and political disasters that could happen at any time that will put you in a scenario where you will have to survive. Read our article 17 Survival Scenarios -Besides The Zombie Apocalypse- You Must Prepare For! to get an idea of some of the types of survival situations that could happen. It’s not just about the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s about surviving any situation.

Survival is serious business and as ZombiBox we know that quality survival gear is gear that will help keep you alive. Never trust your life to cheap gear. We pride ourselves on selecting and testing every survival gear product we put in ZombiBox.

If we wouldn’t use it ourselves in a real-world survival scenario, it doesn’t go in the box. It’s that simple. Every survival gear product we put in ZombiBox meets or exceeds our rigorous testing and quality standards. Our team has over 30 years of survival and outdoor experience and we know good gear.

High Quality Survival Gear Means SURVIVAL & SURVIVAL is the ZombiBox Mission!

Are you a Prepper? Do you live off grid? Do you believe in being prepared for anything and living a sustainable and self sufficient life? ZombiBox is for you too. ZombiBox isn’t just about preparing for the zombie apocalypse. It helps you prep for any real-world survival scenario by sending you prepping supplies, food, water filtration and purification, seed packs, and other much needed prepping supplies as well and survival gear.

ZombiBox is truly the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Gear Kit

To survive the Zombie Apocalypse you must have the tools, equipment, gear, weapons and knowledge. ZombiBox provides that for you. Even the CDC uses the Zombie Apocalypse as a training scenario to help trains for disasters and emergency situations.

ZombiBox comes packed full of quality real-world survival and outdoor equipment, camping gear, and prepping supplies to help you survive real-world survival scenarios with solid high quality survival gear delivered to you each month. Join today.


We’ve partnered with, are dealers/distributors for, and offer many awesome survival gear, tactical and outdoor equipment brands in our boxes. Cold Steel, Spyderco, Sawyer, Goal Zero, Schrade, Light My Fire, Gerber, UCO, CRKT, MoraKniv, Wise, Smith & Wesson, Buck, Mountain House, Kershaw, United, Rothco, Beeken, KaBar, Leatherman, Live Fire, Brunton, Case, Pathfinder, Exotac, Ontario, SOL, Adventure Medical, Gorilla, SOG, and many more.

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