ZombiBox Saves You BIG Money on Survival Gear

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ZombiBox is a box of awesome survival gear delivered monthly to your home. It also help your save money on buying gear from big-box stores at full retail. And lets be honest, saving money on survival gear allows you to put more money into more gear, right? Each Zombibox is guaranteed to have DOUBLE the retail value of survival gear for your subscription level.
For example:

  • Basic = $29.99/mo = $60+ Value
  • Advanced = $49.99/mo Price = $100+ Value
  • Pro = $99.99/mo Price = $200+ Value
  • Pro+ = $149.99/mo Price = $300+ Value
  • Elite = $199.99/mo Price = $400+ Value

So, you see, this isn’t about just getting awesome survival gear delivered to your home each month, it’s about getting the most bang for your buck.

Getting the Pro ZombiBox saves you $1200 per year over buying from traditional retail survival gear and outdoor equipment stores.

Basic Saves You = $360 Year
Advanced Saves You = $600 Year
Pro Saves You = $1200 Year
Pro+ Saves You = $1800 Year
Elite Saves You = $2400 Year

The retail value of each box is guaranteed to be at least DOUBLE what you pay for it! Not to mention ZombiBox has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the quality and value of your ZombiBox each month.

Double the value, saving money, plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

How awesome is that!?

Now go sign up to get your ZombiBox and start saving money on quality survival gear today.


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