ZombiBox Survival Gear Subscription Box Lifetime Guarantee! Don’t buy another box!

Our competitors have made an insulting mistake. These competitors order many of their products from China, print their logo on it, and inflate their MSRP to create artificial value so they can advertise there is this much $$$ value in each box.
JOIN NOW! Boxes start shipping on Feb 10th!
While technically true, legally true, it’s not really true true. Is it? Anyone can use Google to search the many websites out there that sell many of these same products for a fraction of the price.
Ethical? Meh. Sure, it’s the free market right? What’s BS is that many of the products, perhaps even the majority of the products in these subscription boxes are used as filler to increase profits and artificially inflate the value.
You can purchase many of these products for a fraction of the price on Alibaba, AliExpress, Wish, and Amazon just to name a few. Many of the survival and outdoor gear boxes out there are’t worth what you’re paying for them.
ZombiBox is different. I back ALL my products with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! This is crazy, but I figure it gives ZombiBox an edge over the competition who will NOT offer a lifetime guarantee*. They’re old skool. Obsolete. They’re like the Dodo bird. They will go extinct. They will try to copy ZombiBox and the business model in an attempt to compete, but they will fail.
ZombiBox stands alone as the only survival and outdoor adventure subscription box that offers a lifetime guarantee* on all products included in our boxes! (that we know of)
I’m not talking about single products or manufacturers warranties; I’m talking about all products included in ZombiBox regardless of manufacturer.
Yes this is crazy! But it provides unprecedented high value for ZombiBox customers!
You want value? There’s TRUE VALUE!
That’s REAL VALUE! To know that your gear is protected ad back by the BEST guarantee in the business! To know that you’re taken care of no matter what. As long as you’re a ZombiBox subscriber you never have to worry about breakage or malfunctions or replacement or repairs again.
As a ZombiBox subscriber YOU ARE COVERED!
VALUE! That’s what ZombiBox delivers! Value delivered! The adventure is up to you. We help you survive! We got your back!
Boxes start shipping on Feb 10th!
*read the full lifetime guarantee on the site.

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