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ZombiBox™ and the Zombi™ brand will give you the best value for your money compared to any other survival gear boxes on the market.


No more over inflated MSRPs (manufacturer suggested retail price) like you get from other subscription boxes that buy cheap products from China, create their own artificially high MSRP, and charge $150 for a box of OVERPRICED products you can buy on Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, or Wish for half the price…or less!

So, knowing that every other box is doing this same model, I’m changing it up.

I decided to offer my Zombi™ brand products with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

All Zombi™ brand products will come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

TRADE-IN UPGRADE RECYCLE PROGRAM. You will also be able to trade in your Zombi™ product for a credit toward the purchase price of new models which means you can upgrade your Zombi™ brand products indefinitely.

Zombi™ is our brand for all things survival and outdoor related and we stand behind with quality and service.

A note from the creator of the Zombi™ brand.

“Dear ZombiBox Friends and Family,

The last couple few years have been particularly hectic ad chaotic, but I’m still here and have remained loyal to my ZombiBox family of loyal customers and subscribers. Promises were made and promises are being kept.

As the creator/founder/owner of ZombiBox I realized something while sourcing products for ZombiBox from suppliers. I realized I could provide more value to my customers by manufacturing my own versions of survival and outdoor gear products.

It was a crazy idea, but one that made good financial sense long term. Survival is about long term preparation not short term profits for companies looking to get rich off of hard working people without providing a solid ad TRUE value.

They inflate prices of their products to make it seem like you’re getting a good deal, they call it a good deal, you buy into the deal, and then you end up with inferior products and no warranty or service!

Basically you’re stuck with the product and out the money.

By manufacturing my own products this saves me money in production and passes that value and savings on to you.

You get great gear at a fair price with an ironclad guarantee!

This allows ZombiBox to provide high quality gear at an affordable price through our own brand.

My system and brand is rock solid! I’m seriously tired of the BS from manufacturers telling me they can’t sell me items below a certain cost even though I’m buying at a higher volume that ANY of their other customers.

They just say some stupid shit like “that’s our policy” and expect me to accept that and pay them the price they ask. NOPE! I’ll just manufacture my own version of the product.

I can operate at a lower cost than my competitors and my customers will buy my products because it gives them more for their money.

I worked in the manufacturing business for 5 years, I know what it costs to build a product versus buying a product for resale. And I’ll build some of them here in the USA keeping American jobs here in the USA.

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can figure out the cost of raw materials, labor, and overhead, add it all up and figure out people are getting ripped off by greedy companies in it just for the profit.

These companies put profit before the people and people are getting ripped off. So I wanted to bring products to market without the middlemen and the astronomically high markup that most other companies charge.

I want to sell my products direct. And my dealers will enjoy a nice profit as well. This also allows me to offer something else other companies can’t or won’t offer.


I do this not just because I believe in the quality of my products but also because it encourages recycling and provides a solid true value to my customers.

Our planet is suffering and we’re consuming resources at an alarming rate. We need to recycle more materials. Too many materials get wasted and sent to the landfill. We need to stop that. There’s no reason why we can’t recycle more. As such wherever possible I buy recycled materials and offer an awesome Trade-in program to encourage folks to recycle their Zombi™ branded product and get a credit on their upgrade. This is sustainable business.

This is how sustainable business works. Quality products. It’s part of the new economy and I predict it is the future of business. I can afford to charge less for my products because I buy direct, don’t markup as much, and build my own products as well as provide solid warranties on other brands I sell in ZombiBox!

If it comes in a ZombiBox it comes with an ironclad satisfaction guarantee! This lifetime guarantee is for ANY AND ALL products that come in a ZombiBox for as long as you are a subscriber.

Buying and building also sets up a more permanent business structure and one that can offer lower prices long term.

For example. A typical 5000 square foot building costs about $1 per square foot per month to rent in our town. That’s about $5k per month or $60k per year. Over 10 years that’s $600k dollars in overhead before utilities. Add in utilities and you’re looking at another $3k/month ($36k annually) to run the machines.

Add in the production equipment and machines ($1 million at least to start for everything divided out over 10 years is another $100k in overhead annually). You’re looking at $196k annually. Round up to $200k and that’s $2 million in overhead over the course of 10 years.

And THAT’S if you only spend $1 million on the manufacturing equipment (which can be much more depending on the product you manufacture).

So yeah. It’s expensive to manufacture but it’s much less expensive than buying for resale if you’re going to do it long term.

ZombiBox is about long term survival. Don’t rent. Buy and build instead. It costs more up front but the long term savings is worth way more.

All those things that cost $2 million over 10 years can be paid for with about $250k investment in infrastructure. That’s a MASSIVE savings. Savings that can be passed on to our customers in the form of lower costs for gear and it saves us money long term to put into product research and development.

This is why I can afford to charge only $100 for a knife that would otherwise cost $200 somewhere else. It’s also why I can offer a lifetime guarantee on my products. So yeah. This is about giving the most value for my customers.

That value creates brand loyalty. My competitors laugh at me, tell me I’m going to go broke. But I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. They’ll eventually either adopt my way of doing business or they’ll go out of business because they can’t compete.

It’s a WIN/WIN for me. For them…not so much. Fuck’em. I don’t care about them.

I care about my customers.

My pledge to YOU! I will always do my best to provide you with the best possible quality survival and outdoor gear, at a fair price that delivers high value, and the best guarantee in this industry. You make this work. Not me!

Eric Wichman



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