Zombie Apocalypse Survival: You Have 3 Minutes To Bug Out! What Do You do?

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The Zombie Apocalypse has started. You have 3 minutes to bug out! What do you do? Are you ready? A government emergency alert message just sounded across all Radio, TV, an Cable channels that an outbreak has occurred and they are advising people to flee the city. Within 3 minutes your entire neighborhood will be overrun with zombies! You have been ordered to flee your residence to a secure location and do anything you can to survive the impending onslaught. You must leave immediately and get yourself and your family to safety.

What do you take with you? Are you prepared? Well, if you signed up for ZombiBox you’d be prepared already.

What do you do?

Here’s a list of survival gear you’ll need to survive and keep your family safe.

Zombie Survival Gear Kit: Bug Out Bag

  • Weapons & Ammo – Guns, knives, steel batons, baseball bats, pepper spray, taser, stun gun
  • Money
  • Prescriptions/Medications
  • First Aid Kit -bandages, medicine, water purification tablets
  • Food
  • Water – Water filter system, water storage containers (preferably a bag type system to save space)
  • Identification
  • Clothes
  • Sleeping Bags/Covers
  • Tents
  • Fire starters – Lighters and matches, flint and steel, magnesium stick, etc.
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Rope, Duct Tape, Cordage
  • Tools

This list is designed to be just the necessities and the things you already probably (hopefully) have within easy reach.

Each member of your family should have a survival gear bag ready to go, packed full of all the essentials. This builds redundancy backups into your survival plan. If something happens and for some reason you can’t grab all your gear at least you’ll have backup bags to draw from.

It’s best to be prepared.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TIP – CACHE & STASH: Make sure to stash extra survival gear, food and water in hidden caches throughout your property if you own your own land. If not then stash backups of your gear in well hidden places in the  near your bug out location. That can be a the forest, up in the mountains, even in a river-bottom in a waterproof container. Mark your cache locations with a GPS that way you have the coordinates when you need to resupply.

If you’ve prepared, you already have a Bug-Out-Bag or Bug Out Box (B.O.B.) made up and ready to go. If not, the list above will help you prioritize your survival gear.

Bug Out Location: Where will you go?

Have you thought about where to go? In peacetime when things are calm, that’s when you prepare. Don’t wait until it’s too late. You need to come up with a variety of places you could bug out to and all your family members should know where they are located and how to get there in case you get separated during an emergency.

Most people will be trying to get out of the city in the first few hours of a disaster scenario. So depending on your circumstance, it might be wise to lay low for a while and Bug-In or ‘shelter in place‘.

At the very least, get to a location where you and your family are safe away from the enemy. I mean ZOMBIES!

Have Multiple Places To Go

Don’t limit yourself to just one bug out location. This is extremely important because most likely things will NOT go as planned, and you will have to take a detour, or it will just not be possible to get to first your place of safety. In this case it’s important to have a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th location already pre-planned in the event you can’t get to one or more of the locations you’ve previously chosen. This could happen for a number of reasons. Accidents, road blocks, looters, gangs, traffic jams, hordes of zombies etc.

Nothing Will Go As Planned

You must realize that nothing you plan will ever go as planned…even if it does…it won’t. Something will go wrong, something will surprise you. Be ready for it. Don’t think naively that everything will go as planned. Have backup plans and make sure everyone in your family/group knows what to do.

Alternate routes should be memorized by all family (group) members and you should know how to get to ANY of your bug out locations from ANY place on any of your preplanned bug-out routes. You don’t know when plans will change. Expect plans to change because they will. Don’t be set in your away.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Beware the Enemy


The cold hard truth and dirty little secret of survival is to trust no one. Not even your “friends”. It depends on the scenario of course, but as a rule, in a disaster situation, EVERYONE is a potential enemy.

This sounds paranoid, but it’s not. It’s smart survival. It can save your life and keep your family and yourself safe. Do not trust anyone approaching you and your family, especially strangers. Even people you know, or are acquainted with can be a danger in a disaster scenario.

PRO-TIP: NEVER ALLOW SOMEONE TO APPROACH YOUR LOCATION UNCHALLENGED! Never allow someone to come near you or your family. Never allow anyone into your camp. Never allow someone or a group of people to approach you. If possible avoid any and all contact with anyone outside your group. Avoid confrontation or bumping into people at all. Be invisible or as invisible as possible. If you do need to show yourself or it’s impossible to stay out of sight, be sure to project strength and awareness. Criminals want an easy target. Roving gangs of bandits will kill you and your family for anything of value, but if you project a strong presence they will think twice before attacking. No one wants to die. And if your enemy expects you will kill them or you won’t go down without a fight they’ll most likely leave you be. Be prepared to fight at a moments notice.

TRUE STORY: One time I was traveling, camping in the desert (on public land) alone when someone wandered into my camp. First off, I just want to give some folks some advice about other people’s camps. Don’t just walk into someone’s camp. It’s not cool. Call out. Wave. Say “Hi.”. Ask if you can come over and talk. Anyway. I saw someone approaching my camp. Fortunately I saw them coming and positioned myself where I could make a quick escape if needed. In fact I positioned my whole camp so I had a good escape route…just in case. This person just came right into my camp without so much as calling out or waving or anything. I stepped back to the edge of my vehicle, wary but not quite on full alert. At that moment I already had my weapon…concealed from view of course, but at the ready. The person proceeded to act very oddly, intimidating and aggressive. He asked odd questions about the government and did I work for the government, and what was I doing there, was I a spy and all kinds of weird shit. He even vaguely threatened to shoot up my vehicle in the middle of the night and bury me in the desert. All this of course while they were ignoring the fact that THEY WERE IN MY CAMP INTERROGATING ME for no apparent reason. At that point I was at full alert, ready to move fast and get the fuck outta there. The person was a large man (so hand to hand combat was probably out of the question) and he kept moving his hand toward his waist as if he was checking for a weapon or deciding whether to draw his weapon on me. I was ready to return fire immediately if he tried to pull his weapon and I was positioned where I could easily duck behind my vehicle use the axle and engine block as some cover long enough to get away. My plan was simple. If he drew his weapon, I would immediately lay down some fire, break contact, disengage, and put my vehicle between me and him while I headed for the dry wash behind me. Once in the winding maze-like wash I could easily flank him or evade him completely. Anyway, the man left after interrogating me for about a few minutes. At no point did I ever consider this person NOT to be a threat. He’s lucky he didn’t make a more aggressive move, I don’t think he ever knew how close he came to dying that day. He probably thinks the same thing about me. Needless to say I moved my camp immediately. The point is never allow someone to come near you when you’re in a survival situation. In fact, if I hadn’t been aware of my surroundings thing may have turned out much more differently.

Be Ready For Anything

People do crazy things when they’re scared or starving. They can turn on lifelong friends, they will steal, lie, cheat and physically attack their own people if they don’t see a way out or become fearful enough. Fear is a powerful motivator for all the wrong reasons and causes needless pain and death.

You might think you know your neighbor or your friend, but if your neighbor knows you have been prepping and they have neglected to prepare before the zombie apocalypse, then you become a target. They could be a high risk of quickly becoming your enemy because you have something they need, and they know you have supplies. be careful who you tell about your stash. Best advice is not to tell or show anyone what you have. Ever. Your life and the lives of your family may depend on it.

There’s only enough for your family and yourself. People do stupid shit when in survival situations. Fear and hunger make good people do bad things and bad people do evil things.

In disaster scenario friendship is awesome until it’s not, then it goes out the window, survival becomes paramount. Not saying to turn on your friends. Just stay alert and be vigilant. Always.

Don’t Trust Anyone, But Don’t be a Freak About it

Paranoia in a survival situation is a good thing. Now, don’t get fearful of every little noise and get an itchy trigger finger. Your paranoia must be balanced by common sense and rationality. Don’t let fear creep in to the point of endangering your family or others who depend on you or who may help you and strengthen your group.

Go Far & Go Fast: Get Out & Away From Danger Fast

Put as much distance between your family/group and potential danger as possible. This will usually mean getting away from the city, however, going into the city while everyone else is moving out, might be a good idea depending on the circumstance. You will have to make that judgement call yourself. If everyone is trying to get out it might be wise to Bug-In and shelter in place for a few days until the initial chaos passes. If danger presents itself, MOVE! Get out and get to a safe place.

PRO-TIP: BREAK CONTACT! Do not engage unless you absolutely have to. When do you “absolutely have to”. When your life or a member of your family or groups life or lives depend on it, and then only to the point that you defend long enough to escape. Escape should always be your goal.

The Secret Service and Military is trained to get away from the danger zone as fast as possible. If attacked, they will fight, but sometimes it’s prudent to break contact and escape and evade immediately after an attack starts. If you can’t break contact then take cover fight back then break contact. Perhaps someone in your groups is injured and needs medical attention. This would be a time where getting into a firefight or being attacked by zombies is a bad thing. It’s best to break contact, escape and evade. There should be no hesitation, no arguing, everyone should knows what to do.

3 Minutes!

This article is about the first 3 minutes of survival. Grab the most important things you can and get the hell out of Dodge. Keep moving until you find someplace to shelter safely.

Find (or build) Shelter in a Safe Place Hidden From View

Hopefully you have taken the necessary steps to prepare for any scenario. You have your bug out bag, yes, but that’s only part of it. Taking everything into account is just not possible in 3 minutes, but you can prepare now so you don’t have to lose valuable time when that time comes.

Survival is about timing. Survival is about your mentality. It’s about preparation, and it’s about doing what needs to be done now so you’re prepared when it counts. It’s about saving and protecting your family. They are after all the most important thing on the face of the planet.

Be prepared! Don’t wait until something happens. They don’t call it “preparation” for nothing.

You prepare BEFORE an emergency to make sure you and your family are safe if and when an emergency happens. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Are you ready?


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